The collected data

Data collected by creating an iCode™ account

  1. In order to use the Website, new User has to register by creating an iCode™ account (hereinafter referred to as the: “Account”) and provide the following personal data: contact name (i.e. name and surname of company representative; individual person – User), company name, email, password – are obligatory, country, city, zip code, address, mobile phone, tax id (if applicable) are optional at this step (User might skip it). They will be obligatory in the moment of requesting the report.

Data collected automatically

  1. During the use the Website by the User the following personal data of the User is automatically collected: e-mail address and the operating system type. These data can be collected by the so called cookies files, Google Analytics and Cookies, referred to in the point 1 above, are the files sent to a computer or other device of the User while browsing the Website.
  2. Cookies, referred to in the point 1 above, are the files sent to a computer or other device of the User while browsing the Website. Cookies remember user preferences, enabling to improve the search results and relevancy of the displayed device by the Service Provider is granted using the settings of the browser installed on your device. If you want to delete existing cookies from your device, you can do it using the options of your browser.
  3. The Service Provider uses the following types of cookies (unless otherwise specified):
    • necessary cookies – files which are essential to enable Users to navigate the Website and use its features, such as access to safe areas on the Without these cookies some services used the User cannot be provided;
    • performance cookies – files collecting information about how Users use the Website, which parts of the Website are visited most often, and whether the Users receive error messages from the The data collected by these cookies is anonymous and used only to improve the functioning of the site;
  4. Google Analytics, referred to in 1, is a web analytics system that gives an insight into the traffic of the Website used to carry out marketing activities.
  5. Social media of the third parties may register the information about you, g., when you click on the button “Add” or “Like” in relation to the social network site while visiting our Website. We do not control such websites or their actions. We recommend getting acknowledged with the information on such social media sites which can be found on their websites, as well as with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of such sites prior to using them.

Data collected by chat service

  1. To be able to quickly contact us, you can use the chat service. Livechat is a web service used in remote customer service. A messenger application that does not require the software installation process on the user’s device and access to it is done by clicking the chat button. We process all personal data provided during a conversation with our consultant (eg name and surname, email address, telephone number, address data).

Log data

  1. Our servers store log files, which record any access to them. The log files contain data about the type of each access, including IP addresses, files displayed on our website, operating system versions, device type and time stamps.