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Does your business need a scientific base that will allow you to understand people’s attitudes and predict their future behavior? Our platform provides all of the above. We on the other hand, offer a white label solution. Our team of passionate researchers and scientists are here to assist you with your daily research challenges as well as your long term business plans.​

What is iCode?

iCode™ as a technology is a combination of neuroscience and psychology. This renowned and so-called Smart Test, enables more accurate measurement and management of the dynamics of emotions, opinions and needs of employees, clients or consumers. It is possible thanks to the Confidence Index located inside. ​

iCode as a ’Do-It-Yourself’ Platform is your creation and analyzing zone. It’s a place where you can build, modify and run online Smart Tests, and after completion of the fieldwork, you can automatically go straight to the results and squeeze the most out of them.​


Customers think one thing, talk to their friends and tell them another thing, yet do something else. How can you be sure what will drive your customers’ future decisions?

Study people’s true intentions!

The cost of using iCode can be minor when compared to the future benefits of making the right business decisions. Your consumers’ decisions may not always be rational. It’s good to be conscious of this phenomena and take advantage of it. Find a way to your consumers’ hearts simply by hearing their inner, non-conscious, yet decisive voice.


Marketing department
  • Do you want to know what your customers’ real needs are?
  • Wondering if your brand or product can stand out from the competition?
  • Puzzled about which argument to highlight in your marketing message?
  • Are you at the stage of choosing the packaging for your product?
  • Are you wondering about the celebrity’s involvement in the campaign and have a problem with your choice?
  • Do you want to check if your ad really communicates as it should be?
Research agency
  • Would you like to know how to use implicit measures in your online surveys?
  • Are you looking for innovative solutions to meet your customers’ expectations?
  • Do you need a quick tool that will allow you to make sense of flat test results?
  • Do you need a research solution that is proven and has a scientific foundation?
  • Do you want to expand your product portfolio without having to reveal your supplier (as a white label)?
  • Are you looking for a research tool that will easily link to your platform or online surveys?

iCode best features

Use iCode Smart Test – a solution that will change your perception of survey questions

Fast answers indicate strong and easily accessible attitudes which have the highest potential to influence consumers’ behavior.

On the other hand, slow answers suggest that consumers are not certain about their own attitudes or they have not made up their minds yet.

Slow answers are provided with strong doubt or disbelief and are less likely to drive consumers’ actions.

Easy all-in-one implementation

iCode has the form of a short online survey, where the Response Time measurement was applied to reveal instinctive reactions, enhancing our understanding of consumer behavior.

It’s a device agnostic solution, which allows your respondents to fill in the survey on smartphones, laptops or tablets. Thanks to redirect links, you can effortlessly connect any survey to your Smart Test. You widen the spectrum of your insights when combining methods!​

Money saving decision

Forecasting with a really high level of effectiveness is possible because measurement is based on the Confidence Index that cannot be falsified. The results thus reflect real beliefs. What does this mean for you? This means: savings. You simply know what is going to work and you leave the method of trial and error to your competitors.

Do people like the following types
of entertainments equally?

Before After

Power of confidence

Get inspired by REAL Case studies

We are part of neurohm

iCode was created by NEUROHM – a renowned expert in consumer neuroscience. A company that delivers tried and tested Technology to the market research world. Thanks to being out there for so many years, we know what researchers expect from DYI platforms. We believe that it will exceed your expectations and makes your research life simpler and your insights more detailed.

200 000+

Respondents tested



16 200 200+

Indyvidual reactions collected



16 200 200+

Indyvidual reactions collected



200 000+

Respondents tested



What are people saying?


Self made

per question on screen
  • 1 ad/brand/product/etc.
  • No licence fee
  • Free instruction call
  • Unlimited respondents

Need pro advice?

Yes, we can help.
  • Any number of products
  • Up to 60 statements
  • Unlimited respondents
  • Any number of categories

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frequently asked questions

iCode™ is an interactive, fully-automated platform which allows you to design and run online surveys enriched with Confidence Index™ – a method based on Response Time latency. Quantitative studies give one point of view, Confidence Index™ provides you with an additional dimension. iCode™ helps you to gain more insights, tapping into consumers true attitudes, while still receiving findings from traditional, declarative answers . It’s an intuitive & cost-effective solution. It’s also fast, really fast: you can create your survey in a few minutes and get the results immediately after fieldwork completion. iCode™ gives you freedom and flexibility: it can be seamlessly integrated with other methods and can be embedded as a part of bigger surveys. What’s important for researchers, the platform works 24/7 and can be run on all types of devices, from PC’s and laptops to tablets and smartphones.
What people rationally declare is important, but scientific studies have proved that we can reach more precise insights by measuring the amount of time that people need to provide an answer. The Confidence Index™ is exactly such an indirect measurement that allows us to make more accurate conclusions about the emotional certainty of opinions. Academic researchers, such as Prof. Russell Fazio from Ohio State University, have shown that attitudes expressed with a fast Response Time (high certainty) have a much stronger link with actual behaviour than not fixed attitudes expressed with slower Response Time (hesitation). In other words, the more certain people are of a given answer, the more likely they are to act upon it. Confidence Index™ helps you distinguish between what is truly important and what is just a lip-service.
Confidence Index™ provides added value for many aspects of market research:
  • actionable insights – the additional dimension enables more in-depth conclusions;
  • more complete stories – additional information for Clients;
  • a comfortable way to identify valuable insights – an additional tool to facilitate the research process;
  • the emotional side of consumers’ attitudes – an additional and simple solution to provide Clients with a real way to measure emotions.
For more information on how confidence you can boost traditional results please contact us at with your request.
Measuring Response Time might seem simple, but in reality it is a complex process where many factors have to be taken into consideration. Our unique procedures and algorithms enable us to control the impact of many aspects of the measurement process and respondents’ idiosyncratic characteristics: individual differences (age, gender), speed of reading, familiarity with computers, the type of device (PC, laptop or mobile), fatigue, (in)voluntary carelessness and many more. To be able to do that in a correct manner, we use dedicated calibration exercises and sophisticated procedures during the test to gather high quality responses. The button placement and indeed, the whole layout, is strategically designed to be optimized for the Reaction Time measurement process. The answers for each respondent are standardized and an individual baseline has been created to develop an index that allows for comparison between responses. The stimuli and the statements are rotated to minimize the order of appearance effect.
The iCode™ uses standardized scores for every single individual, derived thanks to individual calibration and baseline. There are also other important elements and additional procedures that were incorporated into the method to increase the quality and reliability of the whole process: (attention control screen, warm-up statements, advance button). All those elements are embedded in iCode™ (made under U.S. Method Patent). Thanks to this standardization, individual differences are minimized and the scores can be presented on a universal scale – either INDEX 4.0 or our Level Scoring System (LSS). Thanks to this procedure we are able to establish what fast/average/slow means for every single individual. In the case of one respondent 800ms can be the fastest while for the other respondent the same 800ms can be at the slow end of an average Response Time. This is also another reason why we do not provide Raw millisecond scores.
The calibration phase is a crucial part of every response time survey and cannot be removed. iCode uses Smart Calibration which means it is adjusted to the actual study and only the necessary elements are used. Still, every calibration consists of two parts: CALIBRATION PART I – It consists of pressing the answer buttons without any cognitive load and – a purely motoric task that establishes the individual differences in speed of movement and familiarity with the device. Moreover, it also serves as a tutorial for respondents as it makes them familiar with using the scale. CALIBRATION PART II – consists of just a statement and one answer button (no scale) that a respondent has to press as soon as he/she has finished reading the statement. This part is designed to test how fast respondents read statements of different lengths. It minimizes the influence of the statement length on corresponding Response Times, thus statements of different lengths can be compared.
NEUROHM is in possession of standardized words used in calibration that are translated to local languages. The list is available upon request.
In general no, this is not recommended. They cannot be changed because they have been standardized.
NEUROHM procedures take into consideration several variables that influence the results. The length of the attribute is one of them and this variable is added to the model during the cleaning process. One of the key parts of every survey is calibration phase – thanks to this procedure we can apply our patented filters that take into account factors such as length of statements and allow us to clean the data effectively.
iCode™ utilizes RORT™ – the fourth generation of latency measures, technologies and algorithms developed by NEUROHM to assure the highest level of reliability. RORT™ technology includes: dedicated software, individual calibration to create personal baselines, warm-up procedures, as well as unique cleaning algorithms to remove artifacts and minimize the influence of various factors e.g.: individual differences, familiarity with computers, age impact, fatigue, length of statements, speed and stability of Internet connections and (in)voluntary carelessness of respondents.

Yes, you can add up to 20 additional questions before and after the implicit survey with no additional cost. iCode™ controls the data collection and presents charts for gender and age only, all other answers will be available in the respondent level data in an excel file.

Currently iCode™ does not provide any fieldwork solutions. Setting up fieldwork is the part of the research process that has to be handled by the User. Of course, iCode™ will provide you with all necessary details to set up the survey on your own or via a panel provider (for more info see: “How to use redirect links” in the HELP section in your account).

iCode™ bridges traditional declarative answers with emotional certainty of opinions, so you always get two measures in one survey. You can ask your traditional questions via iCode and on top of that you will also see the response time reactions of your respondents. The other way to integrate traditional research with the iCode module is to incorporate it in your protocol via redirection links. In the same way a Panel provider can easily run or incorporate an iCode link into any other survey.

iCode™ questionaries can be applied to all surveys where emotional aspects are important. On the platform you will find ready to use designs that will help you to quickly set up a test for brand image, product design, videos & commercial, individuals’ image (people and brand ambassadors) and concept testing. Nevertheless all instructions can be modified and the survey creator is flexible enough to test much more such as: brand assets, customers’ or employees’ needs, photo appeal, DVD or magazine covers, Point of Sales materials and many more.

The pre & post-test is recommended in ad testing. However it all depends on your research needs. If you want to test whether the ad has an impact on your brand, the pre & post-test scheme is exactly what you need so you can compare how your brand heritage (pre test) changed after the ad (post test). Thanks to this scheme, you can clearly measure the impact of the commercial. On the other hand, if you just want to see how effective the ad is or you want to check the comparative effect of a few ads, then just a post-test will be enough and will provide you with insights you need.
The short answer is NO. Isn’t it great? Unlike other providers iCode™ does not charge on a respondent basis – you can test 100, 1 000 or 10 000 respondents and the price will remain the same. The data processing fee depends solely on the number of tested items. However, Please bear in mind that the platform does not provide respondents for your study. This cost is dependent on your approach to data collection – if you use a professional panel provider, you need to be aware of their cost. However, if you run a survey on an internal client database or social media, then the fieldwork is likely to be free of charge, or at least significantly reduced.
An ‘Item’ is a single research screen of iCode survey where Response Time is measured – it consists of an attribute (a statement) and usually a stimulus (e.g. a brand, product, ad) but it might consist of the statement alone. To calculate the number of items in the survey, simply multiply the number of tested elements (e.g. brands, packages, ads) by the number of statements/attributes that describe the tested element. If there is no stimulus tested then the number of items is equal to the number of statements. For example 1 element (e.g. brand, package) tested on 1 statement (e.g. high quality, modern) is 1 item, 1 element x 10 statements = 10 items, 2 elements x 5 statements = 10 items, 3 elements x 10 statements = 30 items. You can also see the number of items, the price and the estimated duration of the survey at any stage of the study.
We recommend testing at least 160 respondents per survey for statistical reasons, however the minimum number required to complete the test is just 10 respondents. The number of respondents depends on various factors such as your target group, the total population of your target group and the incidence rate. We also advise oversampling by at least 10%. This is due to the fact that some respondents will be excluded in the cleaning process (e.g. due to too fast or too slow responses, read more in point 7).
You can conduct studies in one of the predefined languages available on the platform. The list is presented in the START step during the survey creation process. We update the list frequently and more languages will be added in the future. Haven’t found the language you need? Please contact us and we will help you to create a survey in the language of your choice. The list will be updated and more languages will be added soon. However please note that English is the only language for operating iCode™.
It all depends on the test’s type and scheme. The maximum capacity of the survey is 60 items. For example: 1 element (e.g. brand) tested with 1 statement (e.g. question like: is it trustworthy) – equals 1 item. The survey consisting of 60 items will not last longer than 8 minutes and this is the optimal time we recommend to use for online studies that utilize Response Time. This is important due to the attention span of respondents. It is possible to increase the number of items per survey in certain situations, please contact us at with your request.
In iCode™ we have prepared a list of statements recommended for each type of survey. You can choose a few of these for your survey or treat them as inspiration and create your own statements best matched to your research questions. It’s also good practice to organize a workshop with the client (if you are a research agency or consultancy) or customers (e.g. during the focus group) to gather creative ideas corresponding with the research objectives. Another effective way to create relevant attributes is to review core brand values to check which of them are the most convincing. Remember, all statements must refer to emotions and attitudes not to facts and knowledge. It’s important to create a list of statements that:
    1. are connected with the stimuli (e.g. brand),
    2. are representatives of the most important values and features (e.g. of the product image),
    3. are a reflection of the way in which the stimulus is communicated (e.g. via TV commercials),
    4. are ready to be used as an inspiration to produce actionable results – e.g. you can build your communication on these statements,
    5. should be simple in meaning, avoid complex or ambiguous statements,
    6. should be frequently used by the tested target audience,
    7. avoid combined meaning in one go (e.g. “smart and intuitive”, in iCode you should split this statement into 2 separate ones),
    8. avoid negation, as on the implicit level the brain takes additional cognitive effort to process it.
Please be sure that your statements are tailored to Reaction Time testing. Your statements should be short, intuitive, easy to understand for respondents and have only one clear meaning. The statements should be no longer than 80 characters.If you follow these rules you can be certain that you’ll have relevant attributes for your reaction time test. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you would like to discuss your ideas in greater depth.
iCode ™ uses the NEUROHM internal Implicit Benchmark Database ™ gathered since 2004, which contains of over 16 200 000 registered responses from over 50 countries and six continents. Benchmarks are created as a general reference scale created from data collected.
Yes, we do. The results aggregated for the whole group are available on iCode in both forms: as an interactive web report and xls or csv format. The respondent level data is available only in the downloadable xls or csv format, which can be used for further computation or data processing.
We do not provide raw millisecond data because it will not provide you with the data you need or with the quality you deserve. Raw data requires a different paradigm and approach than that applied in iCode. Thus, in such a setting they are meaningless and can be misleading. As an outcome, we provide you with a set of cleaned and standardized data processed by our proprietary algorithms which take into consideration many factors such as: length of words, order of presentation, individual differences, motoric skills etc. All of that is done to deliver the highest quality outcome. The raw milliseconds approach does not account for all those necessary factors, and even if treated according to state of the art academic rules, will still provide weak scores, far from the quality we want to deliver. Moreover, one of the core principles of our company policy is to protect IP rights – yours and ours. If we would provide you with both raw milliseconds data and cleaned data a reverse-engineering of our algorithms would be possible, thus the raw data is not accessible through iCode platform for any of the projects.
It is possible, though we recommend making sure that these words are opposites, for instance: „I agree/I disagree”. However, you must remember that the change in the scale will result in changing the scale within the whole study, including the calibration phase. Regarding longer words, you need to be careful, even if the button description will be facilitated thanks to applied procedures, it still needs to match the size of the buttons. Additional checking in such cases is required as what is well visible on a computer screen might be unclear on a smartphone display. Thus, our recommendation is to keep it short and simple.
The warm-up statements are part of the main study and their hidden function is to familiarize respondents with the content and teach them how to provide answers, thus, such short training is necessary to obtain reliable results. It is recommended to use 6 such statements and they always appear as the first ones. What is more, you can select statements of your own choice. They should refer to the topic of your main study and be similar to the actual tested values in terms of structure. After this short exercise, the respondent is well prepared and knows what to expect as warm-ups teach respondents how to press buttons properly, so important data is not lost later on. Having this goal in mind you can select any warm-up you want.
We need 6 statements that refer to the topic of your study, they need to have the same structure as the tested statements.
No, these warm-up statements are not tested and no data is recorded for them. They are warm-up words and they are just for training purposes. The data from these warm-ups is likely to be distorted.

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